Learning and reading with smart media

Watch a short movie about the project work of our students: Video_students

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During our project we worked at the following books:

Sala Simukka: „As red as blood“ (Project meeting in Oulu, May 2017)
Morton Rhue: „The Wave“ (project meeting in Merano, November 2017)
Wolfgang Herrndorf: „Tschick“ / „Why we took the car“ (project meeting in Düsseldorf, April 2018)
Christine Nöstlinger: „Fly away home“ (project meeting in Hartberg, November 2018)
Fabio Geda: „In the sea there are crocodiles“ (project meeting in Senigallia, May 2019)

If you are interested in our „smart learning ideas“ concerning the books, you’ll find here our ideas: smart reading with B.Smart4Europe

Project meeting in Diest (November 2016)
Project meeting in Oulu (May 2017)
Project meeting in Merano (November 2017)
Project meeting in Düsseldorf (April 2018)
Project meeting in Hartberg (November 2018)
Project meeting in Senigallia (May 2019)